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Welcome to the Focke Wind Tunnel !

English Translation

The english sides are not completely translated yet. This work is in progress and will be finished as soon as possible.
Some Links and PDF-Files will not be translated. If you are interested in these informations you can use "Copy and Paste" and the google language tools.

Opening hours

  • Here you can find how to get to the wind tunnel and the current opening hours.
  • All of the main information is summarised in our brochure which can be down-loades here (3 MByte).

  • Our Association

  • The wind tunnel is operated and maintained by a charitable Association , which would welcome new volunteer guides to show visitors around the wind tunnel laboratory.
  • The Association incurs costs for utilities, materials and new acquisitions, and would welcome (money donations).
  • Please take a moment to look at our press cuttings !
  • We need help in the search for both materials and relevant technical literature. materials and relevant technical literature.
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